How to Communicate with your Animals
An online course with Sonya Fitzpatrick

Have you always wanted to communicate with your pet?

Want to know what your dog is thinking or what your cat is upset about when it pees on the rug? Now is your chance to find out how to talk to your pet.

In this on line course, Sonya teaches pet owners how to use their mind and energy in a new way so they can communicate telepathically with their own pets.

  • Guided visualization through meditation
  • Step-by- step instruction on how animal language works
  • Learn to recognize the animals’ language and perspective using all your senses, pictures, emotions feelings and language.
  • Understanding of behavioral problems and how to resolve them
  • Communicate with your animals that have passed on to the spirit world and learn how reincarnation works
  • Learn how your environment and chemicals can affect our pets.
  • Deepen your personal relationship with your pet

This is a video you will play again and again to hone your animals communicating skills.