Celebrity Pet Psychic

Celebrity pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick is the most sought after animal communicator in the world. “Celebrity Pet Psychic” takes you in the room with animal loving celebrities desperate to find answers that only Sonya can give them. Famous faces from around the globe seek out Sonya to communicate with their pets from beyond the grave and the ones they live with today. Growing up on a farm in England, Sonya realized her gift at an early age. By talking to our animals, Sonya solves behavioral issues with our current pets and provides closure with pets of the past.

In our pilot episode, Paula Abdul learns her dogs wish she would sing again, Mariel Hemingway finally discovers what happened to her dog Bindu when he disappeared for several days, and celebrity real-estate agent & reality star Chad Rogers is stunned when Sonya tells him his late grandmother is able to speak with him through his dog…something Chad has always suspected, but was impossible for Sonya to know.

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Past Television Series


The Pet Psychic (Animal Planet)

Animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick meets with people and animals from all walks of life. Working with a studio audience and in the field, Sonya works with people and their animal companions to build better relationships, correct problems and uncover issues by listening to the animals and sharing their thoughts with their people partners.

Pet Psychic Encounters (Animal Planet)

Sonya Fitzpatrick heads into pet owner’s homes to help them with their pet problems. Some of these problems are severe and are causing major strife in the household, including a very angry little dog who was biting one of the family members and a cat who was peeing everywhere in the house. Tune in to find out how Sonya solves these families problems.

On The Radio

Sonya hosted Animal Intuition, a popular call-in radio show on Sirius-XM, for over 10 years. Thousands of listeners called in each week to discuss their animal issues. In addition to the various lectures and seminars Sonya conducts throughout the year, she also does private readings for clients who want to have a better relationship with their animals.