A One-Day Workshop: Learn How to Communicate with Your Pet


Join world-renowned animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick for an exclusive one-day workshop to learn how to personally communicate with your pet. Want to know what your dog is thinking when he turns over his water bowl or what your cat is upset about when it pees on the rug? Now is your chance to find out how to talk to your pet.

Due to an early hearing loss, Sonya Fitzpatrick has been able to communicate with animals from a very early age. Using thoughts, feelings and images, Sonya is able to learn what animals are thinking and feeling and has been helping pet owners work with their pets for years.

For the first time, Sonya is going to teach pet owners how to use their minds and energy in a new way so they can communicate telepathically with their own pets. Sonya is teaching a one of a kind animal workshop expanding your awareness, so you are able to connect directly to your and other animals on a spiritual level.

This exclusive one-day workshop will focus on:

·         Step-by-step instruction on how animal language works

·         Tips on ways to recognize the animals’ language and perspective

·         Guided visualization through meditation

·         Understanding of behavioral problems and how to resolve them

·         Communicate with your animals that have passed on to the spirit world

·         Deepen your personal relationship with your pet

Due to the hands-on nature of the workshop, spaces are limited and are for humans only. You are encouraged to bring a picture of your pet so Sonya can get to know them. Sonya will do a limited number of readings during the workshop, but please note that attendance does not guarantee a personal reading.

The Pet Talk with Sonya Workshop is from 10am-5pm with a break for lunch. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the day, lunch is not provided.


Stay Tuned for Upcoming Workshop Dates.