There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven: Finding Comfort After the Loss of a Pet by Sonya Fitzpatrick

September 7, 2013
by Viviane Crystal
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There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven: Finding Comfort After the Loss of a Pet
Sonya Fitzpatrick
Penguin Group (USA)
September 2013
208 pp. pbk.
ISBN #: 9780425261132.

Numerous books describe experiences of human beings who have temporarily died and experienced what all refer to as an “afterlife.” Now Sonya Fitzpatrick, a “pet psychic,” offers comfort to the innumerable pet owners who have experienced the devastating loss of a beloved animal. Whether the reader actually has lost a pet or knows of someone else who has suffered that loss, this is a book of comfort, a book of faith. For it is the author’s premise that there is an afterlife that animals share with humans and even animals share with other animals. These animals are capable of conveying their thoughts and emotions in just as real a way as humans are able to do.

The author begins with her own experience of losing Ellie, a Rhodesian ridgeback, who was beset with suffering and let her owner know that she was content to “pass over” and be free of pain, adding a reassuring message that she would always be with the author in spirit. After Ellie passed, the author could feel her spirit laying across the writer’s lap and even her other animals made room for her presence next to her owner. Thus begin many tales with a similar message.

Some humans seem to have an ability to sense the presence of their pet who has died but remains in spirit and others do not; it is there that this author serves as a psychic who can connect with those animals and bring such relief and peace to these grieving pet owners. It also includes other animals such as cows or cats, etc. It enables owners to let go of guilt if their animal died in an accident. Some owners even realize they may not have conveyed much love to their animal when alive but that these animals sensed or knew that love and want the owner to let go of the remorse they are carrying about not being more expressive or caring.

The chapters include communications from animals who had been humans but reincarnated as animals to keep their love and union strong. Or perhaps an accidental poisoning occurred and the animal is seeking to relieve the owner of unnecessary guilt.

The stories continue with variety but always with compassionate caring and empathy between owner and pet, between heaven and earth. This book will definitely be a lifeline for so many who have loved, cherished, lost and then re-found communication and love with a beloved animal whose earth life has made the remarkable transition to a heavenly existence. This connection is priceless and cherished by all who share this experience, whether author/psychic or owner. Lovely, comforting read!

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