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Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking or what the dog next door was feeling? Would you like a better relationship with your own pet? In this episode I will be speaking with one of the most trusted animal communicators in the world, Sonya Fitzpatrick. We will find out why its important to understand the animals perspective and find out more about how Sonya’s work empowers pet owners.

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Sonya offers us comfort with her understanding of the afterlife of animals. Did you know animals share with humans and even other animals? She also shares how animals are capable of communicating their thoughts and feelings just as humans do, so I was able to get some insight into my new puppy Winston. He is with me in the studio and we get some advice from Sonya on some behavior issues.

Steve Harvey

Sonya Fitzpatrick guest stars on the Steve Harvey Show. Sonya sits down with Steve Harvey, Steve’s wife Marjorie and three of the couple’s five dogs. Steve’s dog Chocolate expresses his dislike of their current hardwood floors, and requests carpet instead.

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I am going to begin this post with something that the vast majority of you already know: losing a beloved pet is one of the most awful experiences that we will endure in our lives.
When my beloved “Soul Kitty” (Bobo) passed at the age of 18 in 2007 I felt as if he had taken my heart and soul with him.

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Sonya Fitzpatrick was born with a hearing loss, and as a child, she found that she could communicate with animals better than she could with humans. Now, she says, she uses her gift to help people around the world to understand their beloved pets.


These days, your arms feel awfully empty. The house is too quiet and tidy. There’s no click-click-click of toenails on the floor, no slobbered water, no toys strewn about, no kibble to clean up. You even miss those shedded little hairs.
Your pet is gone, and you’re left with a tagged collar and lots of questions.


In her new book ‘There are no Sad Dogs in Heaven’, famous pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick gives messages of hope to pet owners. Fitzpatrick reassures readers that not only do our pets live on in spirit when they die, but they also stay near us.

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The loss of a beloved pet can be nearly impossible to bear. But in her new book, “There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven,” celebrity pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick reassures grieving animal lovers that “our furry, feathered or scaled friends are OK, wherever they are.”

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Numerous books describe experiences of human beings who have temporarily died and experienced what all refer to as an “afterlife.” Now Sonya Fitzpatrick, a “pet psychic,” offers comfort to the innumerable pet owners who have experienced the devastating loss of a beloved animal.

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Ever wonder what your dog or cat is really thinking? Just ask pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick, author of the upcoming book There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven. You may know Fitzpatrick from her former Animal Planet series,The Pet Psychic, or her Sirius-XM show, Animal Intuition.