Book Review: There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven by Sonya Fitzpatrick The Pet Psychic

by Dakota
November 5, 2013
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I am going to begin this post with something that the vast majority of you already know: losing a beloved pet is one of the most awful experiences that we will endure in our lives.

When my beloved “Soul Kitty” (Bobo) passed at the age of 18 in 2007 I felt as if he had taken my heart and soul with him. There were questions that haunted me and STILL haunt me to this day.

Did I have him put to sleep too soon?

Is he ok?

Where is he?

Did he know how much I loved him?

Does he miss me?

From the Penguin Group:”Our pets are part of the family. For many they’re as close as children; for some they may be our only children. And while most of us can expect that our children will outlive us, sadly, our pets almost never do.”

In my case I have never given birth to children of my own. My Bobo was the first pet (other than a hamster in college named “Cooch” whose death also broke my heart), that I had as an adult. There are many who don’t agree with viewing a pet as your “child”, but having no birth children of my own, Bobo WAS my child. We shared 18 incredible years together, they were probably full of more happiness and unconditional love than many birth children bring to their parents.

In THERE ARE NO SAD DOGS IN HEAVEN, Sonya Fitzpatrick addresses the questions that pet owners have after their pets have passed on. This book brought me much comfort, even after all of these years.

Growing up on a farm in England, Sonya Fitzpatrick realized at an early age that she had a very special connection with animals. Her extensive work helping animals handle adversity has distinguished her as an expert in the field of animal communication. Sonya’s passion for animals and her understanding of the critical role they play in our lives provides a unique perspective on the way we need to interact with all of the animals in our world.

From Sonya Fitzpatrick: “I fully understand and empathize with whatever pain and sorrow you may have felt at losing a beloved animal companion, and also to reassure you that your pet is still very much with you in the world of spirit.” In There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven “you will read the stories of many other people I have helped come to this understanding, and I profoundly wish that, as a result, you will feel the same sense of comfort, even in your grief, that I was able to bring them. As I provide answers to their questions, I hope they will answer many of yours as well.”

Pet owners will take comfort in the stories that are shared in this sensitive and heartwarming book. There are stories about cats, dogs, birds, turtles, horses, even cows. No matter what the animal, when we share our lives with them they occupy a space in our heart that is broken upon their passing.

If you have had to experience the pain of losing a beloved pet, I urge you to read this book. If you know someone who has experienced that awful pain, purchase it for them. It will bring them much comfort, and will be something they can refer to again and again.

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