Dear Sonya & Louis

My 12-year-old Labradoodle, Maxine, had a rough year this year. In February she  had some focal seizures that we were able to get under control with medication. She was seizure-free for almost 7 months. In mid-September she started having seizures again. We added a new medicine, upped the dose, and gave her valium to stop the seizures when she had them but she continued to have seizure activity daily. She also developed pneumonia. Over the course of 10 days she went from a pretty active “senior” dog to a very sedate and weak dog. It broke my heart to see her decline so quickly. We put her to rest on September 27 and I miss her more than words can say. I constantly wonder if the drugs made her decline and if we should have pushed harder to get them changed, or if it was truly her time to go. I also regret not spending more time with her at the end…I wish I would have held her for a while after she was put to rest. I need to know how she is doing and if she has any message for me now. Please help!

Thank you,


Dear Susan,

Sonya Says, “Many people think that yearly vaccinations are good for their dogs, and by law most dogs are required to get the rabies shot. But, not all yearly vaccinations are mandatory. I am not a vet and this is only my opinion, but I agree with a wonderful vet named Dr. Marty Goldstein. He taught me about the dangers of over vaccinating. Over vaccinating animals can sometimes lead to seizures, cancer, tumors and many other symptoms. Many people think they are doing the best for their animals by vaccinating their vets, but I believe it can sometimes do harm. I can encourage all pet parents to do their own research on this matter.”

Louis says, “Maxine and I are sitting in this beautiful green meadow. Maxine was nodding her head agreeing with what Sonya just said. I have to tell you that I am looking into her eyes, and she has the most beautiful eyes. Maxine wants you to know that it was her time to come back home to the spiritual realm. Maxine doesn’t want you to blame yourself or worry any more about not spending more time with her before she passed over. Maxine feels your love, even now, still holding very tight. You have great love for each other … and love is very powerful. In fact, I can feel the love going between the two of you…because love transcends all boundaries. Maxine tells me that she took up a lot of room on the bed. She says there was nothing her family and you wouldn’t have done for her. She was happy during every moment of the life she spent with you. In fact, Maxine is still happy because she is always with you and around you. She says she is always in the car with you and would like you to still talk to her when she is in the car, just like she was in the physical body.”

Much Love,

Sonya and Louis

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