Dear Sonya and Louis,

Recently our Maltese-Poodle of 6 years died a tragic and sudden death. His name was Willow. We miss him terribly. We want to know if he knew how much he was and still is loved, and that he didn’t go through any pain. We want to know if he is still with us in spirit.

Thank you,




Dear Selina,

This is Louis, my physical body was taken from an unexpected tragic accident too. But it was my time. And both dear Willow and myself are very happy. He wants you to know that he is with you and around you every day and night. We can move very freely in our light bodies. Willow can feel the love very much from his mother and he is with you in spirit… as love transcends right through to us. He is telling me that your souls have been through many past lives together and the spiritual bond is very strong between you… there is no real separation. When we pass out of our physical body, we truly know how much our loved ones miss us. We are always with you. He tells me that you kiss his picture and he is sending kisses back to you.

Much love from Willow and me too,


Woof Woof

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