Does my dog like the kennel he’s taken to?

Dear Sonya and Louis, My dog Shadow was adopted when he was 3 months old, he is now 5 years. He seems happy but at times, very scared. I want to know if he likes the kennel I take him to for day camp and whenever I have to travel. Salvador Dear Salvador, Sometimes we […]

Is my deceased dog speaking to me through a moth?

Dear Sonya and Louis, My beloved English bull dog Corey passed on from choking in late January. There was a moth that appeared from nowhere in early February. I had my window closed since November last year. I wonder if the moth is Corey? It has been 3 months now, I see it almost every […]

My dog recently passed away, but is he at peace?

Dear Sonya and Louis, My beloved dog of 15 years passed away in December and I feel some guilt. I have had to be on medication just to function without him. Can you tell me if he is at peace? My Dear Meredith, Right now your dog and I are sitting together in a beautiful meadow […]

Was it selfish of me to let my dog go?

Dear Sonya, I recently lost my sweet 8 1/2 year old dog, Capone. In the end, his two year medical condition got the better of him swiftly and I had to make the difficult decision of letting him go. I looked into his eyes that morning and I felt in my heart he had fought […]

How can I accept the fact that my dog has passed away?

Dear Sonya and Louis, Hello my name is Angel. My dog, Princess, passed away November 5, 2012. I am having more than a hard time dealing with it. Princess was my air in this world, my reason for living. No amount of time seems to help – it only gets harder. I am unable to […]

Win Psychic Sonya’s New Book!

You’ve read her answers to your most personal pet questions, and now our very own Psychic Sonya is back with her third book, answering some of the most universal questions from pet owners everywhere! In There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven, Sonya Fitzpatrick addresses the many questions pet owners  have after their pets have […]

Why does my dog whine? Is he unhappy?

Dear Sonya and Louis, Meet Cooks & Cairo my 2 Shelties. I love them both so much. Why does Cairo whine sometimes… he unhappy? Does he need something? Is Cooks happy? What does he feel about baby Cairo? It is Cooks I wonder most about…he is 8 years old now Thanks, Ayesha Dear Ayesha, Please […]

Did our dog know how much he was loved?

Dear Sonya and Louis, Recently our Maltese-Poodle of 6 years died a tragic and sudden death. His name was Willow. We miss him terribly. We want to know if he knew how much he was and still is loved, and that he didn’t go through any pain. We want to know if he is still […]

I lost my soul mate: is she okay?

Dear Sonya and Louis, I had a Pomeranian (Lily Ann) who was almost 12 years old. She got really sick and recently passed away. She was the light of my life. I am having a really hard time with this. I want to know if she is okay. I miss her so much. I truly […]

Is there anything my dog wants to tell me?

Hello Sonya! Last year I rescued a 7 year-old Rottie that was scheduled to be put down for Valley Fever/seizures. She’s beautiful and my best friend and I’ve done my best this year to keep her in good health.  In spite of that, she had 19 seizures this past year.  She’s currently on Bromide, Phenobarbital […]