Dear Sonya and Louis,

My dog Shadow was adopted when he was 3 months old, he is now 5 years. He seems happy but at times, very scared. I want to know if he likes the kennel I take him to for day camp and whenever I have to travel.



Dear Salvador,

Sometimes we dogs can get very scared due to our nerves throughout our body. Some dogs nerves are on the surface of their skin and some dog’s nerves are deeper into their skin. When the nerves are on the surface they are the ultra-sensitive dogs. And a great way to help Shadow is to buy him a Thundershirt. You can buy them from most pet stores and this will definitely help him. He has to get used to it so put it on for short amounts of time until he feels comfortable. He tells me he is so in love with his Dad, and that his Dad has anxiety too whenever he leaves him.

Remember, we feel what you feel too, so stay very calm when you leave him and that will help. Shadow says he likes to sit and watch the other dogs at daycare. He says he would rather be there than at home on his own. He says there is a black dog there that likes him, but he tells me it is not as good looking as him.

Love from Louis,

Woof Woof

PS – he would like more hamburger.


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