Dear Monkey,

Do you want to come back again to be with us? If so, when and how will we know it’s you? Can you give us a signal when we see you? Love you and miss you!


Your family, Irene and Jackie


Dear Jackie,

Monkey and I love the picture you sent. We all look very handsome together don’t we? He is also telling me that he never felt like he was a dog – you always treated him like a human. And he wants you to know that your souls have been together in many past lives. That is why the three of you had such a connection together. Hurry up he tells me – and find a new body for him to go into. Make sure you have a connection with the new dog. It will not be until you get a new dog, and he sees that you are going to keep the dog, that his spirit will come. IF you do, get an older rescue dog that is not a puppy. Both dogs have arranged and agreed for this to happen before they come into their physical bodies. Monkey wants you to go out and find a dog that you connect with and bring him or her home as soon as possible. When Monkey is sure the dog is staying with you. He will gradually start to go into the physical body, going in and out of the new dog, until his soul settles in.

Lots of Love,

Louis (as read through Sonya)

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