Sad Pet Parents, But No Sad Dogs in Heaven

by Ariel Wulff
September 20, 2013
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In her new book ‘There are no Sad Dogs in Heaven’, famous pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick gives messages of hope to pet owners. Fitzpatrick reassures readers that not only do our pets live on in spirit when they die, but they also stay near us.

Fitzpatrick shares stories of private readings she’s had with clients who are struggling after the death of a beloved pet. Many owners blame themselves for their pet’s death, many worry that their pets didn’t know how much they were loved. The pet psychic attempts to bring her clients peace and understanding, so they may move on.

The message is one of love and hope that makes some sense on a spiritual level. Pets are spirit just like people – and when they leave the physical world, their energy and soul continue to live, but on the spiritual plane. Clients are reassured that their pets knew how much they were loved in life, and how much they are missed after they have passed on.

Fitzpatrick writes about reincarnation and walk-ins, although she doesn’t call the latter by name. She tells some clients that their pet will be coming back to them, but suggests in some cases that the soul of the animal is going in-and-out of an already living – in some cases, adult – animal. If animals have souls, as Fitzpatrick contends, she never explains what happens to the soul of an animal when the spirit of a deceased pet walks into, and inhabits, that animal’s body. The reader is left with disturbing uncertainty and unanswerable questions.

Readers who believe in animal communication will probably enjoy this book to some degree, and it will be a comfort to those grieving the loss of a beloved pet. For readers who are not currently grieving a pet, the stories may seem very repetitive, and similar to each other, with only the names and a few details changing. It appears that many grieving pet parents have the same questions, fears, and feelings of guilt after losing a pet.

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