Peeing Cat or Pooping Dog? Pet Psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick Can Tell You What’s Up

by Steve Jansen
February 12, 2013
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Folks like Tori Spelling, Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen DeGeneres have received readings for their animals from pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick. It could be your turn during Fitzpatrick’s debut “Pet Talk” workshop on Saturday, February 23, in Houston.

Fitzpatrick is still living in that same Conroe house, where she consults pet owners, by phone, on how to communicate with their dogs, cats, horses, birds and snakes via telepathic communications. Of late, she tells us, she’s really developed her ability to communicate with kids with autism.

“I talk to autistic children who verbally cannot speak because they speak telepathically, the same language as the animals,” says Fitzpatrick, who hosts XM-Sirius’s Animal Intuition. “They may not have the faculty of speech, but they’re highly intelligent, sometimes more intelligent than those who have the faculty of speech.”

Fitzpatrick explains that her one-day intensive workshop will teach participants how to receive messages from animals, whether they’re in distress or simply want to say “I luvrrr you.”

“When you receive the animal’s language, it’s very subtle. People will say, ‘Well, that’s just imagination,'” explains Fitzpatrick. “I have to teach [people] how to use all of their senses…I’ll then take them into how you start with animal communications. Understanding how your animal feels, what it senses and how it sees the world.”

Though Fitzpatrick, who says she can also communicate with animals that have left the planet, didn’t have any unusual animal-talk examples of late, she did speak at length about how “human companions” need to check themselves when it comes to putting an animal down.

“They don’t realize that they’re being selfish, but they are when they can’t walk anymore and they have to clean after it. That’s degrading. Animals don’t like that. They would rather go to the spirit world. When they’re old and suffering and in pain, they’re ready to go.”

The “Pet Talk” workshop is scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, February 23, at Marriott-Houston West Loop, 1750 West Loop South. For more information, visit Sonya Fitzpatrick’s website.

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