Dear Sonya and Louis,

I had a Pomeranian (Lily Ann) who was almost 12 years old. She got really sick and recently passed away. She was the light of my life. I am having a really hard time with this. I want to know if she is okay. I miss her so much. I truly believe she was my soul mate. Please tell her how much I love her and I miss her so much.


Lily Ann


Dearest Loretta,

This is Louis talking. I want you to know that Lily Ann is sitting in this lovely meadow with me that we love to play in with all of our dog friends. I have had the privilege to meet many friends here since I got my own column. Lily Ann tells me that she knows how painful it has been for you. She also tells me that you have kept all of her beautiful toys and bowls. She wants you to know that she visits all the time. She would like you to meditate every day and you will feel and sense her with you. She said that she had quite good health until she reached her advancing years and then she became quite sick. She held on for as long as she could because she knew how much her mom wanted her around. Loretta, please remember, we are just a thought away and when we receive your thoughts we are right there with you. We can travel very fast in our light energy bodies. I would like you to know that many of our human companions love their dogs more than the humans around them. Lily Ann agrees with me! I think Lily Ann is a beauty. Here I go again falling in love again as I look into Lily Ann’s eyes. Hope this makes you feel better.

Woof Woof,


Louis (Read Through Sonya) 

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