Dear Sonya and Louis,

My beloved English bull dog Corey passed on from choking in late January. There was a moth that appeared from nowhere in early February. I had my window closed since November last year. I wonder if the moth is Corey? It has been 3 months now, I see it almost every day.

Thank you,


My Dear Andrew,

Corey and I often meet. Corey is so friendly and we often play together. Yes Yes Yes Corey wants you to know how happy he is in heaven and also because he can easily come see you anytime he wants to. He was so happy to know that you understood that out energy can enter into any other species. Sometimes we enter birds or butterflies. He also wants you to know that he loves being around you and with you. He can go anywhere with you now that he is in his energy body. Corey tells me he loves his family.


Louis (as read through Sonya)

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