Dear Sonya & Louis,

The toughest and worst moment of my life was October 15, 2012. I had to make the decision to let my sweet Gypsy leave her sick ailing body. She was very sick and 2 different Vets weren’t sure exactly what was wrong with her. She had no quality of life, couldn’t walk, and had to be hand fed. Not my sweet, proud, regal girl.

A couple of months after her death, I spoke on the phone to an Animal Communicator.  She told me that my sweet Gypsy was going to come back to me before Summer time.  She gave me distinct colors and markings and that I would read about her. I looked and still look for her everywhere. None of this has happened.  Would you please check with Gypsy and see if she has a different plan? My life has not been the same since my sweet girl left. Anything else she has to say to me would be greatly appreciated.


My Dear Jeanine,

This is Louis talking to you from heaven. I have Gypsy sitting here with me right now. She does play nicely and has very good manners too. Gypsy is telling me that she wants her mommy to know that she sleeps in your bed every night and goes in your car with you every day. And in fact she says she was in the car with you today. When you feel and sense Gypsy around you, trust it, cause she is right there with you. She tells me that she is going to reincarnate back to you. And she wants me to tell you exactly how it works. You can also read more about in Sonya’s book, There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven: Finding Comfort After the Loss of a Pet. Gypsy is wondering why it is taking you so long to pick out a dog to adopt. She says whatever dog you feel a connection with, trust it, and take that dog home. And after you are sure that you are keeping the dog, then Gypsy will gradually go in and out of it over a period of weeks. You don’t have to go looking too hard for the perfect dog, it doesn’t matter what the dog looks like. If you have a connection with a dog and a good feeling about it, that will be the dog for you.  And of course as we are both discussing this here, she can’t wait for you to get another dog so that she can start to move into it. It takes us a while to transition into the new physical body again. We gradually go in and out and then we settle in. And then the soul that was originally there, will go back to heaven, and Gypsy’s soul will move in. But please don’t worry about the soul that goes back to heaven, this has all been planned and arranged in the Spiritual realm and that soul will be excited to leave the physical body and be back with his or her friends in their light body. And of course Gypsy’s soul will be happy to be back with you in a new physical body. She wants you to rush out and get one as soon as you can. This will bring much happiness to your life…and Gypsy’s too!

Lots of love,

Louis (As Read Through Sonya)

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