Dear Sonya and Louis,

I would like to know how my dog died in July 19, 2011 since the cause was unknown. Is she now in heaven?


Dear Lia,

This is Louis and I am with your dog now. Your wonderful dog is definitely now in heaven. She wants you to know that she visits with you very frequently. She also asked me to visit with you too so I could see her wonderful family. After we are in heaven, we can move very easily in our “light body” – so visiting you is very easy. We are just a thought away. As your thought goes out, she is there. Your dog had so much love and she still feels that love from you. She says her organs were wearing out before she died. Her physical body was getting old and she had some discomfort in her stomach area. She also knew that it was her time to cross over to the spiritual realm. She said that she was always treated like a princess and so I treat her like a princess here in heaven. I do hope this letter will help you. Much, much love is coming your way from your beautiful dog.

Woof Woof with Love,

Louis (Read through Sonya)

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