Hi Sonya & Louis,

I have a 10 year-old Sheltie named Tiki. She lost her bubby Mario a few months ago and I’m wondering if she is lonely still. Does she want another dog friend or is she still happy? Tiki talks to me all the time. She howls when she talks to me, but I don’t know what she is saying. She is so cute.



Dear Marilyn,

I love shelties. And my how big this dog is! Mario is running around in heaven and so happy that I am talking to you through this column. I am just telling Mario to calm down because he is so excited to talk to his mom. Mario would like you to know that Tiki would very much like to have another friend. If you get another dog, Mario will be able to reincarnate into a new body to be with his wonderful family once again. Mario says your souls have been together in many other lifetimes. Even if you decide to rescue a sheltie – Mario’s energy will gradually start to enter into the new dog’s physical form. When leave the physical body, we are energy and what is known as the “light body.” It takes time at first to get used to living in the physical body once again as the physical body is very heavy. That is why it will take a few weeks for Mario to be back with Tiki and you once again. Mario says that Tiki talks to him all the time. She howls while she talks to Mario too. When Tiki howls or barks she is trying to speak in the same language as humans do verbally. Tiki tells me that you love her howling and you love her talking this way to you. Tiki is a great character and very intelligent. Mario is so happy to be returning back to you all and I am so happy to be giving you this wonderful news.


Louis and Mario (Through Sonya)

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