Dear Sonya and Louis,

This is actually a question about a cat. My orange Tabby, Simba, died suddenly on December 8, 2011. He was fine one moment, and keeled over and died the next (he was not even sick). It was quite traumatic as you can imagine, and I just wanted to make sure he was alright. I miss him a great deal and so does our other cat, Jasmine, who was away in the hospital the night Simba died. We have moved since then, and Jasmine refuses to come out of the one room she is in to explore the rest of the house. She has been in there for six months now! Any assistance you could lent would be most appreciated.




Dear Annette, 

This is Louis talking to you. Simba is here in heaven with me and wants you to know that Jasmine feels and knows Simba is with and around her all the time. But, Jasmine was confused because she couldn’t see Simba’s physical body after Simba passed. So Simba and I have explained to Jasmine that the physical body is something we all travel in when we live in the physical world. Jasmine missed Simba’s physical body. Now Jasmine knows why she can feel Simba even though Simba is not with her in the physical body. Jasmine now understands that Simba has traveled back home to the spiritual realm in his light body. When we travel back we can still be with our families, we are just a thought away and you will feel and sense us around you. Simba says he loves you very much. 

Woof woof, 

Love Louis (through Sonya)

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