Dear Sonya and Louis,

Is our 9-year-old dog Lucky happy even though he is going blind?

Thank you,



Dearest Jodi,

Lucky wants you to know that he is very happy. He tells me that you worry about him a lot of the time. I have many friends in the spirit world who were blind in their past lives. The great news is that we speak telepathically and it is easier for animals to lose their site than it is for humans. We feel emotions and feelings and see pictures images that humans are putting out all time. Our human companions transmit images and pictures of our home and where our bowls are that we receive so it makes it easier. He says he has no problems finding the food and water, he still has some of his sight left. He is asking could he have a little more cheese please. He is one happy dog.

Woof Woof,

Love from Louis (as read through Sonya)

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