Hello Sonya!

Last year I rescued a 7 year-old Rottie that was scheduled to be put down for Valley Fever/seizures. She’s beautiful and my best friend and I’ve done my best this year to keep her in good health.  In spite of that, she had 19 seizures this past year.  She’s currently on Bromide, Phenobarbital & Fluconozole.  My question:  Is she on the right meds?  What is the cause of her seizures? And, is there anything she wants to tell me? (It is just her and me at home – I hope she’s happy)

Thank you so much!!



Dear Judi,

Congratulations on your beautiful dog. She tells me you love her very much and she loves you too. I am not a veterinarian, so I can’t give any medical advice. I can tell you that Dr. Martin Goldstein (Dr. Marty) is a holistic veterinarian who is very knowledgable about what causes seizures in dogs. You can go to his website, http://www.drmarty.com,  and set up a phone appointment with one of his experts. They can talk to you about treatment options for your dog. There will be a fee, but very often he will find a vet in your area that can work with your dog on the problem. I also recommend his book, The Nature of Animal Healing. Judi, your dog wants you to know that she did not think she could be so happy until she met her beautiful mom. She is so happy to be with you. 

Lots of Love,


(Louis says hello too… Woof! Woof!)

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