Dear Sonya and Louis,

My beloved dog of 15 years passed away in December and I feel some guilt. I have had to be on medication just to function without him. Can you tell me if he is at peace?

sonya altmd

My Dear Meredith,

Right now your dog and I are sitting together in a beautiful meadow up here in heaven. He tells me you have no need for guilt, we dogs understand at times it is not easy for humans. We live with you and often understand more than you give us credit for. He is sending you so much love, he is always around you and with you. He loves his walks and he shares a lot with you he tells me. He has very happy memories of his beautiful mom and says he can still see her and visits with her all the time. He wants you to know that when souls return to heaven – all we feel is love, joy and peace. And there is NOTHING nothing nothing to forgive.


Louis (as read through Sonya)

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