Dear Sonya & Louis,

My lab Chaco died a little over a year ago from heart failure. He went for a walk and didn’t quite make it home. I found him laying in the pasture across the road from the house. I buried him next to his wife by the front gate so they could watch for the UPS truck together. Well, my best friend needed to find a home for a big, mixed breed dog her kids brought home last summer and I couldn’t say no. He’s a handful just like Chac and I feel this is Chac getting across the road, home. Is it Chaco?



My Dear Sarah,

This is Louis the dog here talking to you from heaven. Chaco has definitely come back to you and reincarnated into this new body. Many of us do reincarnate back to another physical body very easily. And as we all know, nothing happens by chance. You are very smart to feel and know this about the dog you got from your best friend. You always have to trust your feeling and sensing. Chaco is so very happy to be home with you again once more. He loves spending time with you in his new physical body.

Lots of Love,

Louis (As Read Through Sonya) 

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