Animal Medium Channels Passed Pets

by Rebecca White
September 14, 2013
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The loss of a beloved pet can be nearly impossible to bear. But in her new book, “There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven,” celebrity pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick reassures grieving animal lovers that “our furry, feathered or scaled friends are OK, wherever they are.”

Fitzpatrick, host of Sirius XM call-in show “Animal Intuition,” says she’s helped clients like Ellen DeGeneres and Paula Abdul communicate with their pets — both in the living and spiritual realms.
The Post caught up with Fitzpatrick to learn more about her otherworldly pet tête-à-têtes:

Do all animals go to heaven?

Yes. They’re teachers if we care to listen. They are very much in touch with the most important things in this universe.

The title of your book, “There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven,” makes a pretty strong claim. How can you be sure?

I know it. I talk to them in heaven — it’s tremendous joy and peace and love. [Death’s] not the end of everything.

How do you communicate with deceased pets?

Animals know how magnetic fields work. They taught me their language. I start feeling and sensing and hearing the animal — I smell what they smell, I even taste what they taste. Once they start, they talk very quickly.

Any pets you’ve been unable to connect with?

Never. I’ve had the off cat say, “I’m not going to speak to you” — but they ended up talking to me. Animals are funny. When an animal has a sense of humor you can tell the person who lived with him had a sense of humor.

What’s the conversation like for you?

The concentration when I’m talking to animals in the spiritual world is intense. I’ve spoken to thousands of animals, and [they’re] much nicer to talk to than people. They have very strong emotions and feelings and opinions.

Have you ever held back an animal’s bad opinion of their owner?

No, I don’t have clients that don’t have great relationships with their animals. They’re their children. They love them.

Why did you write this book?

I have so many clients who call me not knowing if it’s time to put their animal down or where their animal is going or whether they’ll ever be with their animal again.

So how can people communicate with their dead pets?

We’re all speaking telepathically. A lot of people [don’t realize] they are already talking to their animals!

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