Sonya Fitzpatrick – “THE” Animal Communicator

September 10, 2011
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I was having a chat with Sonya Fitzpatrick before I interviewed her, when she started to talk about my three babies, my cats. She doesn’t know anything about me, but she described my cats as if she knew them. Sonya mentioned about my oldest one being a tabby, the middle one thinking that she is the most beautiful one, and the youngest one thinking his a dog. She was absolutely right! How did she know about them?

During the interview, Sonya explained to me that she was born deaf and she could only communicate with animals. As she grew up, she realized that she had this special gift, a telepathic way to communicate with any animal.

Sonya Fitzpatrick is one of the most widely recognized and respected animal communicators in the world.
Sonya has worked with thousands of people and pets worldwide to achieve a better understanding of their pets.

She explained to me that all animals communicate in the same way, and that we should pay attention to our instincts regarding our pets. She also said the animals see things as pictures not as movies as we, humans see.

Sonya impressed me by her knowledge and logical way she talks to animals. She has a delightful personality and I felt I could talk to her for hours. It’s worth listen to her words.

Here we go: another story of Pets and People helping each other…

To listen to the entire interview and see the video, go to

or you can listen here: Sonya Fitzpatrick Interview

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