Pet Psychic Exposes Sordid Secrets!

October 23, 2003
by Daniel R. Coleridge

Surprise! Salem from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch isn’t TV’s only talking pet. As hostess of Animal Planet’s The Pet Psychic airing Mondays at 8 pm/ET and Sundays at 1 pm/ET . Sonya Fitzpatrick chats with plenty of animals who’ve got dirt to dish on their owners. “I prefer to say ‘human companions”, she corrects TV Guide Online. “They own more than the other way ’round!”

They also own human secrets. In future episodes, Fitzpatrick promises to spice things up with far zestier revelations than her usual “Your cat hates your dog” fare. (Yawn.) If she’s legit, this lady can see your private intrigues through animals’ eyes! Now, producers have given her “carte blanche to come out with it” to keep up the show’s ratings success.

Case in point: “A woman came in with a behavior problem her cat was peeing in her lover’s shoes,” Fitzpatrick says. “So she would shut it out of the bedroom, and then it started making messes all over the house. It was because somebody new was in the cat’s bed. Her husband never minded cats in the bed, but when the lover came over, they were shut out! That’s the biggest gossipy problem I’ve had to deal with.”

Well, except maybe for this one: “Another woman on the show wanted to know why her cat was humping her boyfriend’s leg every time she was away,” the seeress laughs. “She mailed me graphic photos of the cat doing this! Well, her cat told me it didn’t want the man to feel lonely while she was out, so it was taking over for her! That was hilarious.”

Of course, frisky kitties aren’t the only ones howling in her ear. “I can communicate with all animals,” Fitzpatrick insists, “even fish.” Glub, glub.

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