Dear Sonya,

I recently lost my sweet 8 1/2 year old dog, Capone. In the end, his two year medical condition got the better of him swiftly and I had to make the difficult decision of letting him go. I looked into his eyes that morning and I felt in my heart he had fought all he could and it was time.  But of course, I don’t know for sure. Every day since his passing I struggle with feelings of guilt, worry, heartache and overwhelming sadness. I miss him so much. I just want to know if he knows how much I loved and still love him. Is he mad at me for letting him go and thinking in the end he would be better off than if I were to keep trying to extend his life? Was I selfish in my decision to let him go? Does he know that I have never cared for anyone or anything as much as I did him? Is he ok now?  No longer suffering? Will we ever be together again?

Thank you,



Dear Donna,

This is Louis talking. It is so hard learning to live without an animal you have lost. He is very much around you. Sometimes we come to be with our human companions for a long the time and live to a ripe old age. Some of us leave the physical body earlier than others. It was Capone’s time to return back home to the  spiritual realm. He is telling me to thank his wonderful mom – he is thankful that you helped him leave his physical body. He wants you to know that you made the right decision. Capone also wants to tell you that of course there is no separation. He was glad to get out of his painful body. He is telling me that he is always around you and with you. He still sleeps with you every night. And also he can go with you wherever you go. He loves the fact that he can be with you now in restaurants, at work and shopping… and definitely when you are home. Since his passing he can feel your guilt, your worry and your sadness and he his reassuring you that you need to feel no guilt – you did everything you could for him. Capone says he was always happy because you were the most loving and caring mom. He is saying thank you, thank you, once again for helping him to leave his painful body. He also would like you to know that when we leave our body – the suffering for us is over.

Lots of love to you from Capone and Louis

PS – He wants me to give you this message – he says to tell my mom I will be back soon – he wants you to get a new dog with a beautiful body that his spirit can eventually return into. He also says, “Thank you for keeping all my toys and dishes! When you get a new dog then my energy will gradually go into it.” He says, “Send her all my love and I look forward to being back in the physical body.”

Woof Woof, 

Love Louis (as read through Sonya)

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