Dear Sonya and Louis,

I am desperate to know if my beloved girl Tallie is coming back to me again. Sonya, you did a reading for me about 9 years ago and told me that Keshia (who was dying) would come back to me, and she DID as Tallie! I have had 9 wonderful years with Tallie but she has an awful disease and I will have to put her down in the near future. It’s killing me to go through this again. Will she come back to me again? Is she ready to go?




My Dear Cindy,

I am happy to tell you your beautiful Tallie will come back to you. We can’t give you a time, but she tells me she will. It is very unusual to have a soul back twice in a lifetime. Sonya was so pleased to hear that after your reading with her, Keshia came back to you. When dogs tell us they are coming back, they usually do. I am so sorry that you are feeling the pain of her passing right now, Tallie also knows. As you know, we dogs hang on as long as we can for our human companion. But she is very sick, so if you can let her go, she is looking forward to having a new body that is young and healthy again. She also tells me to remind you she has full intention of returning to you once again. She wants you to stay strong and remember there will be no separation through death. 

Woof Woof,

Love Louis (as read through Sonya) 

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