There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven Sweepstakes

You’ve read her answers to your most personal pet questions, and now our very own Psychic Sonya is back with her third book, answering some of the most universal questions from pet owners everywhere! In There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven, Sonya Fitzpatrick addresses the many questions pet owners  have after their pets have passed on. Every page is full of insight as Sonya–and the pets themselves–answer the questions that speak to animal lovers everywhere.

The best part? We’re giving away 5 copies of Psychic Sonya’s new book! To enter the ‘No Sad Dogs’ sweepstakes, visit our app and submit your name and email address. That’s it! 5 winners will be selected next Friday, September 13.

Good luck & don’t forget to keep submitting your questions for Sonya here!

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