Pet Psychic: What You Don’t Understand About Your Pets

By Ali Wentworth
November 5, 2013
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Sonya Fitzpatrick was born with a hearing loss, and as a child, she found that she could communicate with animals better than she could with humans. Now, she says, she uses her gift to help people around the world to understand their beloved pets.

“It’s not a verbal language,” she says of what it feels like to talk with a four-legged friend. “I start to get feelings, emotions, and pictures, and they transmit them out and I can talk to animals no matter where they are.”
Sonya says there’s one thing in particular that we underestimate with our pets: that they don’t understand what’s going on. “They know so much about what’s going on around them,” she says. “They know if you’re going away; sometimes they get a little confused about how long you’re going away.”

She also says that your animals can hear you send messages to them, even when you’re out of the house. “If you are away, you can talk to your animals,” she says, “which makes them feel like they’re closer to you.
For those who might have lost beloved pets recently, Sonya offers some words of comfort to those wondering about an animal heaven. “It’s just the physical body that dies,” she says. “The soul goes back, the spirit is still around us and with us, and they communicate on a much higher level of consciousness than people do. They are still with us in a different way.”

To watch Sonja communicate with Ali’s dachshund, Daisy, check out this episode of “Daily Shot” and pick up a copy of Sonya’s book, “There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven.”

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