She Talks to Animals

Barbara Nefer
October / November 2012
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Sonya Fitzpatrick didn’t speak a word until she was five years old. But she still did a lot of communicating. It just happened to be with the animals on her family farm in the English countryside. Sonya was born with hearing problems – yet she was able to talk to dogs, cats and other animals.

“I’ve been communicating with animals for as long as I can remember,” she says. “They speak telepathically. They’re always transmitting.”

Sonya backed away from her gift when three geese she’d befriended on the farm were killed for Christmas dinner. She didn’t want further heartbreak. “I closed down for many years,” she admits.

But Sonya couldn’t shut out her talents for long. “I didn’t make a decision to start up again,” she explains. “It just sort of happened. It was meant to be.” At the time, she’d recently moved to the US, but had to temporarily leave her dog and cat behind. The two animals had always got along well – but then
there was an incident when the dog went after the cat.

“I was very concerned about it,” Sonya says. “A friend of mine knew an animal communicator, and I talked to her and she sorted it out. Afterwards, I thought to myself: I used to do this at one time. I’m going to start doing it again.”

Once she reconnected with her gift, Sonya found it was as strong as ever. She soon gained a reputation among her New York friends and their acquaintances as someone who could talk to dogs and other animals, and solve the most frustrating issues.

“All these people were coming with dogs, cats, snakes and other reptiles, bringing animals from all over,” she says.

Sonya wrote her first book on animal communication. A whirlwind of media appearances followed, in which she demonstrated her abilities doing animal readings. People were amazed by her connection with animals, and her ability to solve behavior problems. Before she knew it, her expertise was in high demand and she was working with celebrities like Ashley Judd, Tori Spelling and Ellen DeGeneres. Sonya also hosts Animal Planet’s The Per Pwchic, and takes call-ins on Animal Intuition, a radio show on XM-Sirius.

Sonya says the reason for her success is simple. “There’s always a reason for an animal’s behavior. If I can get to that reason, I can cure it.” Often it’s something very simple that the animal’s guardian just
doesn’t realize. “For example, so many people have dogs and never walk them,” she says. “So many problems are solved simply by giving your dog a good, long walk every day. Otherwise, it’s like being in prison for them. You could be in Buckingham Palace or the White House, but you wouldn’t be happy if you never got out.”

Although Sonya cannot diagnose illnesses, she helps many people pinpoint exactly where their companions are hurting. “When I’m communicating, it’s like I’m inside the animal,” she says. “I see what they see, feel what they feel. It’s not just hearing. I use all my senses.”

Although the main focus of her work is solving issues with animals, Sonya also helps people know when it’s time to let their beloved companions go. “Many people consult me when they’re ready to put an animal down to see if it’s the right time or if they should hang on,” she says. If the animal is ready to be at peace,
Sonya helps the guardian come to terms with the decision.

Sonya doesn’t have to be in physical proximity with an animal to communicate with him. She does many private sessions on the phone as well as working with callers to her weekly radio show. “This works through the magnetic fields of the universe,” she explains. “A lot of people don’t even know those fields exist, but animals know how to use them. As a little girl, I used to see them. We’re constantly transmitting, like a radio. When I’m on the telephone and I’m talking to the person, I pick up the animals.”

Sonya’s deep love of animals comes out in her personal collection of 14 rescued critters and a horse she saved from a slaughter truck. “I spoil them rotten,” she admits. “I feel humbled when I talk to them
because they communicate on a higher level of consciousness.”

Sonya believes anyone can learn to communicate with their animals on some level. She has written two books about it and is working on a third. “It’s all about feelings, emotions and pictures, but not like you see with your physical eyes,” she explains. “Animals receive impressions from us all the time, but we have the faculty of speech, so we don’t realize we’re transmitting images and feelings.”

You might not be able to tap into your companion’s language as deeply as Sonya does, but if you become sensitive to the messages you send to and receive from him, you’ll at least enjoy a closer bond with your furry friend.

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