Sonya Fitzpatrick on Psychic Week

Loren DiBlasi
June 29, 2012
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Live with Kelly: Psychic Week

All week long, “Live With Kelly” has been showcasing the talents of some of the best psychic mediums in the biz. After meeting with Char, Long Island medium Teresa Caputo, and Sylvia Browne, Psychic Week wrapped up today when Kelly and Michael got to chat with pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick.

Sonya has the ability to communicate with animals, which she discovered she could do when she was a very small child. At the time, she just thought that everyone could talk with animals. Sonya said that they have taught her how to speak their language.

Sonya Fitzpatrick: Pet Readings

A few audience members who had questions about their pets were able to get readings from Sonya. First up was Lorelai and her Macaw, Razzi. Even before Lorelai could ask her question, Sonya heard Razzi ask why her leg had been amputated.

Lorelai explained that it had been necessary, which Sonya then explained to Razzi using her “mind’s energy.” Sonya was able to tell Lorelai that Razzi was very happy, and loved her spot near the window, where Lorelai said she sits every day.

Other pets included Elaine with her dog and cat, Georgie and Ceasar, and Simon, who had a pot-bellied pig. Georgie and Caesar, who were both rescue pets, wanted to thank Elaine for taking them in. They said that they loved each other very much. Also, they wanted to let Elaine know that they love when she wears her hair down! When Simon asked Sonya why his pig eats her poo, Sonya explained that the pig thinks that she is helping him by cleaning up.

Sonya Fitzpatrick: Reading with Kelly’s Dog, Chuy

Chuy is Kelly’s Shi-Tzu, who was rescued by the Consuelos family. Chuy came out and told Sonya all about her play group. She said that she loves it there, and that she is one of the most popular dogs in the group. Chuy also wanted to let Kelly know that she loves when Lola sings to her, but she does not enjoy when Kelly’s sons lock her out of the room that they are playing in. She said it hurts her feelings!

To hear more of Sonya’s amazing animal readings, you can tune into her radio show on Sirius XM called “Animal Intuition.”

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