What does my dog think of me?

Dear Louis and Sonya, Why does my dog Dusty run around the couch at my in-laws house? What does she think of me? Thanks, Joleen Dear Joleen, Dusty loves to visit his grandparents – and shows her joy by running around the sofa. They love and spoil her! Dusty thinks you are the best mom […]

Is my recently deceased cat ok, and why won’t my other cat leave the room?

Dear Sonya and Louis, This is actually a question about a cat. My orange Tabby, Simba, died suddenly on December 8, 2011. He was fine one moment, and keeled over and died the next (he was not even sick). It was quite traumatic as you can imagine, and I just wanted to make sure he […]

How do I let my dog go & carry him with me at the same time?

Dear Sonya and Louis, In early November, a few days before my dog Sully’s unofficial birthday, I had him euthanized. He was only three years old and in what I equated to his prime-time in life. Sully was my universe and all things turned with him since the day he was brought out of that […]

Is my dog now in heaven?

Dear Sonya and Louis, I would like to know how my dog died in July 19, 2011 since the cause was unknown. Is she now in heaven? Dear Lia, This is Louis and I am with your dog now. Your wonderful dog is definitely now in heaven. She wants you to know that she visits […]

Is my dog still happy after losing her brother?

Hi Sonya & Louis, I have a 10 year-old Sheltie named Tiki. She lost her bubby Mario a few months ago and I’m wondering if she is lonely still. Does she want another dog friend or is she still happy? Tiki talks to me all the time. She howls when she talks to me, but […]